Reflection of the week

            It was very interesting to learn about midwifery throughout the years starting from the stone ages up to more present. It is truly amazing the condition they were able to practice in and provide care to both the mother and infant despite not having the modern day technology that we are so privileged to have access to. I also liked how the article emphasized that midwifery considered ones social and cultural aspects of perinatal care. Additionally that they incorporate a holistic approach of care. I found it very interesting that male were not really introduced into midwifery until the 17th and 18th century and that that they were mainly used to manage difficult and hopeless cases.  I also enjoyed learning from my article search about wet-nursing during the 17th and 18th centuries. I never realized how prevalent it was during that time period nor that the wet nurse usually lived outside of the home with the infant. I honestly couldn’t imagine giving up my infant for the first 18 months of their lives. It makes me wonder, why the parents preferred to send the wet-nurse  into the countryside to raise the infant.

         Learning about different techniques, styles and overall nursing during the 17th and 18th centuries just reminds me how far we have come as a profession. The nursing profession has truly evolved over the years however the foundation of what makes up nursing ( caring for others) hasn’t changed. I always finds it very interesting and eye opening to learn about different era’s and how they were able to utilize the resources of their time to provide care. It makes me wonder  if I would have been able to survive back in some of these different era’s or if it would have been too much.

Reflection of the week

Reflecting back on this week,I found it very profound how prevalent the profession of nursing has been for hundreds of years. With the article I read this week, I found it very interesting how the profession of nursing came about and was mostly a male dominated profession.  I feel with technology, we are very fortunate to be able to provide the type of care that years ago was not even a possibility.  I also found it very inspiring that despite not having the technology back in 250BC,  they knew which trees to line the streets and roads with that had medicinal properties.  I feel many of the remedies and treatments they used were beyond their years.

                With the information I have learned so far this week, I will utilize it in my nursing practice by not taking things for granted and realizing how “easy” we do have it. It was very inspiring to read how much these nurses over the years influenced the profession and stood up for what they believed. One example is with Mary Ann Bickerdyke,  she knew the importance of sanitation and implemented that linens, soiled clothing etc. to be cleaned and sanitized to prevent further spreading of disease. Because she wasn’t afraid to speak up and took charge of a situation she saved hundreds of lives. I find the time period we are studying very interesting and feel there is always something we can learn from those that have already walked this path.

Intro Blog

        Hello everyone! My name is Laura Hayes and I am a BSN student at Utah Valley University.  I graduated from UVU years ago with my ASN and have been working full time since graduating.  The majority of my experience in the nursing field has been with geriatrics and physical rehabilitation. 

            The purpose of my blog or ” reflective journal” is to allow me put my thoughts down as I learn and grow from my class Nursing Across the Ages 490R class.   I hope by writing down my thoughts, it allows me to  reflect on my own experiences as nurse and also take experiences from my fellow classmates and learn from those.  I feel learning more about where nursing originated and how far it has come  will help me have a better understanding and appreciation  about nursing in general.  Additionally,   I feel as nurses we need to be able to see situations from all angles and I am hoping this blog ” reflective journal” will allow me to accomplish that. I am exciting for this experience and look forward to what the future holds. 

Reflection of the week

This week’s readings and assignments really are a vital aspect in controlling diabetes. Patients need to be given the proper information and education, so they can control their diabetes.  As healthcare providers it is our duty to provide that education to our patients in a way, so they can understand it and not feel overwhelmed. I also think it is critical to individualize a plan for each patient because there are so many outside factors that will affect their compliance. With any disease it is not a “one sizes fits all” and each patient deserves an individual plan that fits their lifestyle and in return you will have better outcomes with compliance etc.  Unfortunately, in health care you are always going to encounter patients that despite you “moving mountains” for them and giving them an individual plan, they will refuse to follow and continue to do the same things.  I think with those patients they only thing you can do is to continue to educate them and provide the necessary resources  but ultimately, it’s up to them to make the necessary changes.  As this semester comes to a close, and reflecting back on everything it just reminds that no matter what disease an individual is dealing with, it really takes a group of individuals (family, community and health care providers, ) to help control and treat the disease.  

Reflection of the Week


 This week’s assignments showed how important it is to be proactive with your health and in doing so can help prevent the development of type 2 diabetes along with cardiovascular disease. I believe many people don’t realize they have the power within themselves to change their lives and they chose not to make the necessary requirements to live a long healthy life. I see it more frequently than not, where a patient has been educated repeatedly on ways to improve their health etc. and they chose to ignore it and then are frustrated over their current health status. I have also seen patients do a complete overhaul on their health and get their blood sugars in normal range through diet and exercise and along with having normal blood pressure, cholesterol which have all contributed to preventing further health complications. Unfortunately, I believe we are a society that wants instant gratification and people aren’t always willing to put in the hard work and dedication that is needed. However, when you do put in the hard work the reward is well worth it in the end

Reflection of the week

 As the weeks have gone on, I have really enjoyed learning and adding on to the knowledge I already knew about diabetes. I have really found the diabetes pro article very informative and the information very  useful for myself and also with the patients I come in contact with.  Looking into co-morbities more this week ,really shows how those can and will make it difficult to treat  patient’s diabetes.  I wish patients could see how allowing their blood sugars stay elevated will with time cause all these additional complications.

I have noticed over the years that because patients are not feeling and seeing the affects of elevated glucose levels right then they are less likely to make changes until it is very difficult to treat etc.  So many times I hear from patients how they  should have taken better care of myself years ago however they never realized the detrimental impact elevated glucose levels were having on their body at that moment and the damage it was causing.  Hopefully with continued education and giving patients the knowledge ( hence power) they will be willing to make the needed changes in their lives and be compliant with their treatment.

Reflection of the week

This week really taught me that it is so important to include mental health in an individual’s plan of care. You have to look at all aspects that can affect that individual because when you are not treating the mental health aspect it can be just as detrimental as allowing your blood glucose levels to be out of control. 

This week also reminded me when an individual has multiple co-morbidities it can make it very difficult to treat all of them because they at one point or another will affect the other disease and treatment.  I believe with any disease you need to tackle it  as a whole and include all aspects that could affect how it is being treated.  Unfortunately with diabetes the possibility of developing complications is very high which in turn can make it difficult to keep blood glucose levels in range.  

Reflection of the Week

This week’s assignments were very helpful with continuing to build on our diabetes education.  Insulin plays such a key role in controlling diabetes that it is vital to understand how they all work, peaks times etc. The peer reviewed article I found this week along with other articles I read about insulin were all very informative and have allowed me to continue to build on the knowledge I have.

Being in the healthcare field we are constantly coming in contact with patients that have diabetes and whom need insulin to control it.  Many patients are afraid of self-injections and it is our job as healthcare providers to make them comfortable with it, so they are able to control their disease

Reflection of the Week

This week’s case study just reminded me how important it is to have communication between facilities. Medication errors like the one we discussed could potentially cause an individual their lives and it could have been prevented. Working in a SNF( skilled nursing facility) , I unfortunately see these types of errors too frequently. There have been programs over the last year that have been put in place that give feed back to the hospital about how many medications had to be clarified ( either missing dose ,frequency, duration etc.) prior to being admitted to SNF. Over the last 6 months things have gotten better however we are still having to clarify at least 1 out of 3 patients discharge orders for missing vital information. Hopefully over time the communication gets better so patients receive the best possible care.        

I also enjoyed the article I read this week because it continues to give me hope that hopefully one day soon there will be a treatment available to reverse/cure type 1 diabetes.

This week reflection

This week’s assignments and readings helped me learn more about how diabetes affects children and elderly differently.  I am able to take the new information I learned and apply it to the patients I come in contact with. In my current  job I mainly work with the elderly and I have seen how the disease really does impact their lives.  Unfortunately many of my patients I care for are no longer able to manager their diabetes and there is a lot of education done with the families on the disease, how to treat etc.  I think the material covered was very helpful and useful. I also found my diabetes article for the week very interesting and look forward to more research trials being done towards the cure for type 1 diabetes.  Overall, I feel all the information so far has been very helpful and have enjoyed learning. I look forward to continuing to add on to the knowledge I know and have learned thus far.